Below you will find a table of contents for a Secret Project written by writer and creator of TheChopBlock, Jason Suerte Felipe.

It seems like everyone else knows who they are, what they want to be and what they’re going to be. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for seventeen year old Oliver from Valley Crest High. Oliver hoped he’d have it all figured out before the time senior year comes around, but here is having an identity crisis at seventeen. Oliver has a big secret. And between being in an Asian American family and dealing with high school, he’s having trouble coming to terms with it. This isn’t your typical teenage novel about love or whatever you’ll find in the Best Seller section of a Barnes and Nobel. This is a journey through shame, tragedy and acceptance.

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Writer’s note: Thank you for checking out this project! Note that the chapters listed are subject to editing and altering. Some chapters may be changed, added or removed entirely as we continue the story. I have made a executive decision to expand this story and dig deeper into the characters and plot.

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Table of Contents