The Chop Block is not a destination but an escape and exploration through emotion and storytelling. Chopblock aims to create, connect, and inspire and form a safe community for storytellers and creators. We’ve all heard the term “writer’s block” and we’ve all reached that dreadful place. So why not spill it all out. 

The Chop Block is Categorized into 3 Major Categories for your reading pleasure:

From relationships, heartbreak, singledom and life in general- The Chop Block’s “Love&Life” section offers readers advice and insights through advice columns and creative poetry.

At the “Stories” category, readers will find real life experiences the writer and creator of The Chop Block has experienced through detailed story telling and compelling backstory.  

Find yourself exploring places you’ve been itching to see and experience places you have never thought of visiting! “Travel” together and let’s see what odd, fun and exciting things we see.

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