I Left My Job During A Global Pandemic. Here’s What Happened.

I left my job right before a global pandemic to strengthen my mental health. Now it’s on an all time low.

BY: Jason Suerte Felipe

From two weeks to seven months. The plan was to start the year 2020 with a clean slate. To leave a job that was no longer fulfilling. A job that took time away from what’s important. Little did I know, a global pandemic would affect my plans, my mental health and sanity.

Leaving my job was both a blessing and a curse.

Two weeks. Beginning of the year and I’ve submited my two weeks notice. Two weeks excited to be leaving a toxic work environment. Two weeks cramming the internet searching for another job. Two weeks on the seesaw, contemplating if this was the right move. Two weeks convincing myself this is just what I needed. 

Two weeks after leaving to realize I may have made a mistake.

There were several weeks and months of moping around after leaving. Casting my line out in the ocean fishing for jobs, but not getting a single bite. It broke me down and crashed me into a wave of depression. I would skip meals, stop job searching and wasting days just laying in my room. I wish I could say that stopped but, having all this free time can put you in a dark place and really affect our mental health.

But I’ve learned that the darkest places can produce the brightest of things. 


During my free time, I worked on my blog, went back to making designs and even opened up my own Etsy Shop. I found myself doing things that I’ve once enjoyed doing. Blogging horror stories about my job online and finding that passion once more. It even landed me an interview to be a part of a podcast for the CBC.

Check out this retail horror story here.

The darkest places also produce the brightest of things.

I didn’t see it then, but maybe leaving that job was an opportunity. Every day is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn and grow. I chose to leave my job and it gave me the opportunity to find my passions again, opening up fun opportunities along the way. 

But let’s not sugarcoat it- being unemployed sucks. The job market is terrifying and troubled. Since April, 2020 the unemployment rate hit over 14%, the highest it’s been since the Depression Era. It’s easy to feel discouraged. I still have those days. Some days still feel stagnant. Some days having great strides and others taking small steps each day. I still find myself depressed and it’s hard not to be with the crises we are living in. But each day is an opportunity. We have the choice to either have the uncertainty control us, or find ways to make our own choices. To make our own opportunities.

That in mind, I think I’ll keep on fishing and see what opportunities I reel in.

How are you holding up? What opportunities are you giving yourself today?

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