Teodora (Poem)

They told you love was patient and it would treat you kindly
The Father preached true love liberates the soul and body
You drank all his wine and fell at the feet of these bad men
Prayed your son wouldn’t end up like the man who left him 
My dear Teodora,
Church girl in your Sundays best,
Knee socks and a plaid dress,
Never meant for a life like this
Fell for boys that were battling their own selfish demons 
Fell for men that hid their hearts along with all their secrets
Didn’t matter who you loved as long as you weren’t lonely 
Always haunted by the ghosts of men that keep you company
My dear Teodora,
Too young to be living like this,
You gave birth to an angel
I hope now you can find peace
Poor Teodora, a fool for love
Chasing bad men, boys on the run
Church girl in your Sunday’s best
You were never meant for a life like this
Fell in love with bad men
Fighting off all their secretes and demons
They left you with nothing but a kid
Prayed your son wouldn’t end up like them
Gave birth to an angel
First words were amazing grace
First words were amazing grace

Original Poem by Jason Suerte Felipe

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