The Story of Junior Brown

A poem by Jason Suerte Felipe.

Junior Brown believed in chasing a dream
Writing about freedom since he was eighteen
But then he realized life is not what it seems
So he stayed

A prisoner to his own mind Junior was trapped in this place
He would be dead last if freedom was a race
He got a job working for minimum wage
So he stayed

Watching people come and go, Junior would age
His heart started to fill with sorrow, pain and rage
Hoped life was more than just a money gauge
So he ran

Junior knew he needed a way out
His family loved him but they were all full of doubt
No one believed that he could make a name for himself
So he ran

Then Junior met a man, it put a spark in his eye
He fell in love and he saw his life on his ride
So he hopped on the back of his four wheel drive
And they ran

He was a man with mountains and mountains of regret
Junior didn’t know he would soon become a threat
But Junior was young and was blinded by love
So he stayed

The night the man laid his hands on Junior’s neck
They went to the bar so Junior could drink and forget
The man apologized and pleaded innocent
So he stayed

The smell of whiskey on Junior’s breath
His eyes weeping and his shirt stained with burnt cigarettes
Junior knew he loved him, at least that’s what he said
So he stayed

Then the man confessed all the crimes that he’s done
Found guilty for all charges, Junior has finally had enough
Junior said “fuck you” and grabbed his gun
And he ran

Back in his hometown feeling so down
Junior took the gun as he watched the cars pass in his small town
He pulled the trigger but nothing came out
So he stayed

Then came a man, different from the rest
He took the gun and on his own temple he pressed
Junior shot up and asked why
And he prayed

The man pulled Junior in and gave him a hug
Junior cried and was too blinded to see the love
And then the man told him,”When push comes to shove,
I’ll stay.”

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