A Lesson In Patience: Taking Care Of Your Inner Garden

The soil has become dry and the fruits no longer bear. 

BY: Jason Suerte Felipe

I think about this often. How our body, mind and spirit connect to form an internal Eden of who we are. A garden. Surrounded by a pearly white picketed fence, with rich soil that nurtures the plants that bloom. And tiny bugs and wildlife that come and go to explore our home. 

Our garden only thrives when we do. When we’re doing something we love, when we are with a loved one- when we are exercising self love and improvement. But sometimes we forget to care for our garden. Letting the weeds grow, the white paint chipping away with the soil so cracked,  letting monsters to roam and stomp in our Eden until there’s nothing left but brokenness. 

It’s hard to fix something that’s broken- but it’s not impossible

The one thing you need for your garden to grow is Patience.

These are uncertain times we are living in. Viruses entering our home and plaguing our garden, making you feel like you’re stuck in a box of quicksand. It’s hard not to feel trapped. But this is only a temporary storm.

Before the clouds are lifted and the sun peaks through- it is time to get to work. Your garden can be beautiful once again. 

1. Pull The Weeds 

Pull the weeds that have grown and breached your soil- those inner thoughts and demons that fester our mind and lurk. Allow trusted friends and family to visit and help you rid those weeds. 

2. Stomp Those Monsters

Get rid of those monsters that have entered your home. Stop giving them permission to reenter your garden time and time again, just to break your soil; your foundation. You have the tools to throw them out. 

Stop giving attention to the monsters that break you.

3. Trim The Past That Haunts You

The sharp thorns that make us bleed. The trauma of our pasts can haunt us, but not forever. Trim the trauma by looking to your reflection. Are you better now? Are you better now that you’ve gotten away from those demons? The answer is usually always yes. Monsters don’t belong, so trim them away. Know that you are better now than you were before. 

4. Plant The New

Water your garden and let new life grow. New opportunities, new experiences, new outlooks and perspectives. Give yourself the opportunity to explore your garden and see what awaits for you.

5. Let the Sun Shine Through

Look up at the clear skies and feel the warmth on your rosy cheeks. This is your garden and yours alone. Allow yourself to feel the comfort and just breathe

. . . Breathe.

You deserve growth and you deserve love. It takes time and it takes patience to move forward. Take care of your Eden and things will start to flourish.   

What’s in your garden? Share with us in the comments!

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