Grief and Coping With The Loss Of A Pet

Grief. Let’s talk about it.

By Jason Suerte Felipe

I recently just lost my best friend of 14 beautiful years. Its been nearly two months since I’ve lost Massy. I found myself crying uncontrollably remembering his goofy face and smile. 

The pain comes and goes like waves. And some days the waves come crashing. I’m reminded of him with every ambulance racing by, not hearing his loud soulful howls- getting woken up by kisses and doggy breath. Massy lived a wonderful, long life. But losing him is a pain that I don’t think I will never learn to live with. 

But there are a few things I’ve learned to do to help cope with his loss.

Here Are 3 Suggestions To Help You Cope

  1. Acknowledge your grief. Give yourself permission to express the pain. Just recently I’ve been caught up with work and life that I never really gave myself time to think about the loss. And when I did- I broke down hard. Which comes to our next coping process-
  2. Talk to a friend. Never ever hesitate to reach out to a family member or friend. Sometimes a sympathetic ear is just what we need to help us grief. And I out of all people know that sometimes words can just sound like words- but know that they do have value and heart behind them. 
  3. Write about your feelings. I wrote a letter to Massy and read it aloud to him several times to him before he passed. And from time to time I read that letter aloud for him. I find comfort knowing he knows how much he meant and means to me.

To be honest, there really isn’t an easy step by step manual when it comes to grief. But with these three steps, I found the grieving process to be a little more comforting.

Pets are amazing and beautiful and they’re more than just animals- they’re companions for life– and I’m sorry for those who have lost their companions. I’ll live every day missing, Massy. But it eases me to think he’s up on that rainbow bridge having cheeseburgers and waiting for the day we’re together again.

What do you do to cope with a loss of a companion? Please share with us in the comments. <3

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