To My Dog, Massy. My Baby Boy.

Everyone always says they have the best dog ever. But you’re not like most dogs. A lot can argue that you weren’t the greatest- but you were definitely the best worst dog. And I mean that in the greatest of ways- because you loved us anyway.

To my dearest baby boy. I’m not ready to say goodbye to you. But I think you knew this day was coming even before I knew. You’ve been there for me for 14 memorable years. And I wish I could say you were a well behaved dog because well- you weren’t. ❤️ A show of hands for those who have been nipped by this goober! Regardless, I loved you anyway. I know you have a temper and a nip to match, but I am happy for those who were able to have a connection with you and see the Massy I know. And thankful to those who were there to see him go.

Massimo. You will always be my baby boy. I had the beautiful privilege of going home to you every day. Always greeting me with that stupid goofy smile. Going in for our high fives- but instead greeted with a paw to the face! (Every. Single. Time.) Making me carry you up and down our hikes because you were “tired”- but I’d say your sneaky smile gave you away! But that’s alright. I would carry you atop any mountain just to see you happy.

I know you are tired. And these past few days have been rough for you. But now you finally get to breathe. I love you so much. We love you so much. You aren’t a bad dog. You’re a great dog with a bit of spunk. And I will miss you. Have fun prancing around atop that mountain with your sister, Milly. Rest easy, baby boy.

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