Shaker’s Cigar Bar- If The Absinthe Doesn’t Kill You, The Ghosts Will!

“You guys don’t know what the hell you’re fucking with.” 

Here’s the thing about ghosts, spirits and ghouls- you either believe in em’ or you don’t. But if you’re like me- you tiptoe around the idea.

I recently took a visit to the Shaker’s Cigar Bar in Milwaukee, WI and interestingly enough, being there you really do feel like the place is haunted. You get the shivers down your spine, hairs on your arms rise up; you see black figures move along the room from the corner of your eye- though that might just be the absinthe talking.

Courtesy Matt Wild
Courtesy Matt Wild

The atmosphere is chilling and the ambiance will have a few on there toes. To save you some time from a Google search, here’s a little history about the Shaker’s Cigar Bar. It was built in around 1894 and It has been told that a “jealous suitor” murdered  a 16-year-old prostitute, Molly Brennan. Fast forward to 2001, construction crew found human bones in the walls, aging to about 70 years old. Rumor has it, the bones of Molly are still attached to the bar and her ghost lingers around to this day. 

Knowing that story would drive any crazed horror spook fanatic to come and visit. And so it did. . .

“You guys don’t know what the hell you’re fucking with,” Terry says as he places his arms across his chest. 

I give him a smirk and look to the side of me, as Aud downloads a Ouija board app on her phone. Now, I already know what you’re all thinking. “Ouija boards aren’t even real! Hasbro Toys makes those and sells em to children!” Touche. I admit, I too am on the skeptical side when it comes to ghosts and contacting them through a toy- let alone an APP on an iPhone. But hey I figure- if the absinthe doesn’t scare you, maybe the ghosts will. Why go to a highly known haunted bar and not try and make friends with Casper the ghost. 

“Is anyone here,” Aud asks the phone, as we nervously await an answer.

The virtual planchette moves to yes.

Aud and I look at each other like two snickering school children on a playground. “Has anyone been killed here.”

The planchette stays in place. 

“Are we going to die here,” Aud chuckles as I smack her on the leg asking why’d she ask such a stupid question.

No movement…

“Welp, it was nice knowing you fuckers.” 

The absinthe at this point was kicking our asses. Aud would point behind me saying she sees shadowy figures walking along behind the corners of the bar. Of course, in my drunken state, I believe her and start to think- maybe this place really is a hunting ground.

One absinthe shot too many, I had to make my way to the little corpses room and use the potty. Now when I tell you this restroom was creepy- it. was. creepy! It was open to the public, and had the creepy old industrial look to it. Like you were trapped in a tin can. I freaked myself out staring in the mirror, fooling myself into seeing something. I wanted to get the hell outta there. And as I made my way through the door. . . 


I scream on the top of my lungs to what to my first thought was a ghost in front of me. “FUCK YOU,” I scream at this pale white figure standing before me.

That scare was enough to sober me up. After getting my bearings back together, my eyes are fixed not on a ghost, but a nicely dressed pale white man awaiting his turn to use the restroom. . . 

How embarrassing.

Josh, busts out from behind the door bursting into tears. He was prepped back there ready to scare me, but looks like this gentleman beat him to the punch. 

Sir, if you are reading this- I’m sure you’re a nice guy and I totally did not mean to yell “fuck you” to your face.

I may not have been encountered by a real ghosts at Shaker’s Cigar Bar but hey, it made a great memory for me and my friends. And Molly, if you saw that, maybe you’ll beat my friends to the scare next time. 

I highly recommend giving this place a look. Come for the absinthe, and stay for the fun! Now- who wants a shot?

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