Broken Glass (Poem)

When your heart breaks, it shatters into a million pieces. Some small and some too large for you to carry on your own. But if we are so lucky, someone comes along and picks up the shards of glass, gently putting you back together. All the pieces may not fit. Fragments being too small to find and others too large to place. But then something interesting happens. 

They start building something new.

They collect the pieces with their steady hands only to find the beauty in the sharp edges and missing parts. Broken glass cannot be mended over night. So each day they continue to mend what was once broken. Filling your empty spaces with their own and taking pieces of you that are too heavy to bare. Even when they get cut by your sharp edges, they stick around to help clean the mess. Some days they even take the pain for both of you. Until one day- you feel whole again. 

Broken glass never comes back clear but in the right hands, they can shine once again. 

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