“This Is Queer Family” Project Sheds A Spotlight On Queer Individuals

Writer and Photographer Jordan Daniels tackles Queer representation in his latest personal project, This is Queer Family, showcasing individuals within the LGBTQIA community and what it means to be Queer.

Photo by Jordan Verdin. Pictured: Jordan Daniels.

Daniels has recently grabbed an interview with thepridela.com sharing his insights with the project. “It’s a project that explores what it means to be Queer how we create family, and what we think progress looks like in our community.”

But what’s the goal?

“My initial goal was to just create something with people that gives us all the space to discuss these topics in a really beautiful, vulnerable and personal way,” Daniels tells thepridela. “My fantasy is that this becomes a movement of its own. Like I said, I want people to add to it with their own thoughts and stories and continue the conversation. I want us to co-create this movement, where we make our own visibility by saying “This is Queer Family!”

Daniels aims to shed a spotlight on a community that is often times left in the dark. But where there is oppression comes resistance, love and strength.

So, as a fellow storyteller and writer- and in honor of Daniels and This is Queer Family, this is what being Queer means to me.


“Being Queer, to me, is a journey filled with heartache, learning, progression, love and truth.

Growing up, I didn’t have any Queer representation or role model. Living in a Catholic household, being Queer was very hush-hush and never discussed. You live a secret life for so long that you begin to notice just how different you are from the rest of the pack. I was forced to think that being Queer and different was such a negative thing, but now I see it as something beautiful.

Being Queer has taught me a lot of lessons in my life as I’m sure it has for all of us. I’ve dealt with the hardships and hell, I still am. But having a greater sense of self and obtaining authenticity is such a wonderful and liberating feeling that cannot be taken away.

Being Queer is having the courage and strength to be your authentic self when you, and only you, are ready.

Where there is oppression comes resistance, love and strength.

Continue the conversation using #ThisIsQueerFamily and share your story in the comments! Also be sure to check out Jordan Daniels and his This Is Queer Family Project to learn more about what it means to be Queer.

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