Sex and the Online World of Chaturbate

If you don’t know what Chaturbate is, you probably haven’t been a curious teenager filled with hormones.

Chaturbate is one of the top adult websites for webcam performance for explicit sexual activity from one individual’s webcam to another. It’s an online taboo world that no one really talks about- but people should understand it’s more than just a place for sex.

Before coming out of the closet, and maybe even before discovering porn, Chaturbate was my source of exploring my sexuality. From there I’ve not only learned what I enjoy, but I have somehow also gained a foundation of self confidence and respect for my body image. 

Watching porn during my adolescence, there seemed to be a general formula of fit men with six packs excluding men of color and different body types. This subconsciously affected my body image, making me believe my ethnicity/body type was not seen as attractive or sexually wanted. There has been very little evidence that watching porn has such an effect on us, but according to PsychologyToday,” in both males and females, there’s inconsistent research, suggesting that, for instance, in gay males, porn use may increase a man’s dissatisfaction with the size of their penis, but that it doesn’t appear to increase female dissatisfaction with the size of their breasts. In women who reportedly use pornography in unhealthy ways, their porn use had no impact on the women’s body image. But, when these women had pre-existing negative emotional states and used porn to try to change the way they were feeling, the women were more likely to feel negatively about their bodies.”

Porn is fantasy, not reality. Realism is only there to an extent. But when roaming Chaturbate, I’ve seen countless users with the same skin as me, with heavier body types, enjoying themselves on cam with users in the chat boxes worshipping and complimenting them. Seeing that exposed me to the thought that people of different size and color can be seen as sexually attractive. 

It’s real people behind a real screen, confident enough to share their body without shame– and that stuck with me. 

What do you think of webcam sites likes Chaturbate? What are your experiences while using the site? Share with us in the comments!

*Chaturbate and sites alike is an explicit site for 18+ users and users under the age of 18 should exit the site immediately* 

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