Waking Up In Vegas

You greeted me farewell. With a kiss on my boozed lips.

My body and mind sobered up so quickly.
Like a switch had gone off telling me to wake up. A second ago I was having a drink and in a blink of an eye, there he was- kissing me.

Ugh…. My head.

To what was a foggy haze, soon became so clear. I pulled away as he tried to reach for another. I shot up and turned around to see his roommate standing across the room with her eyes glistening, as they caught the flashing lights. I stood there confused, with the pounding of the stereo banging against my head as I made my way over to her.

She was as confused as I was. Her feet pacing the floor, with black makeup running down her cheeks. He approached the two of us and soon they began to bicker. What was suppose to be a night out, soon became a grudge match and I was the referee.

He insisted in leaving her as she wandered off the streets. But I pulled him by the wrist and dragged him along to follow her. This wouldn’t be the first Vegas has seen such a scenario. Young adults, wandering the streets. As they yell at the sky with toxic liquor running through their bloodstream.

I called a cab and by the grace of God, convinced the two to climb aboard. We stumbled in, as I sat in the back seat with her by my side and him in the front seat. The two filled the van with the smell of booze and whispered loud secrets.

My ears became redder; burning.

I paid the driver, as I slumped the two on my shoulders as we made our way to their room. He insisted I leave now, but seeing that I was the least intoxicated between the three of us, I offered myself in to make sure she was okay. Before plopping her onto bed as she drifted to sleep.

He walked me down and it was quiet. We stood outside the hotel, still shocked and confused to what the night has become. He again reached for a stolen kiss; a kiss that was never invited or asked of.

I turned my cheek and he walked back in.

I looked around and the streets were empty. Lights still flashing with other shadows stumbling back to their caves. I wandered the strip with the taste of liquor still on my lips.

He didn’t understand. My lips were never meant to be kissed by another, for they were already taken and longing for their lover.

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