Happiest Place On Earth

Where dreams come true.

Throughout the entire day, I would see an opportunity to tell them. Then I would chicken out at the last second… I didn’t plan on doing it here, but hey- things don’t always go the way you planned.

And I’m glad it didn’t. 

It was my brothers last day here before heading back to base. So the family and I decided to go on a Disney Trip. I knew if there was a day to do it, it would have to be today.

Should I do it by the teacups? No. Maybe I should wait til after dinner? Hmm. Wouldn’t want to throw up. Oh! Maybe in It’s a Small World? Oh yeah sure, in that nightmare? No thank you!

I was finding excuse after excuse, delaying my time to tell them. And of course, they began to notice. My brother and his girlfriend would ask if I was okay and each time I would say yes. Even though my face was as white as the Matterhorn’s abominable snowman! I wasn’t in the moment. I was too busy in my head. And I don’t know why I was so scared. He’s my brother. Sure we bicker and fight, but we love each other. 

So why was this so hard? Well, like any other time, I was scared I would lose that.

The night was coming to an end and my parents were ready to take us back to our hotel. This is it, Jason. You have to do it now. It’s now or never. I shot up from the park bench and told my brother and his girlfriend that we should check out the Disney art gallery.

As we wandered in, my stomach turned and I wish I hadn’t had that Mickey Pretzel! The three of us walked in, looking at the old sketches and drawings of infamous Disney characters. It was quiet. With visitors stumbling in and out of the gallery. There was a room in the back that wasn’t occupied. And as I was looking around, scrambling my thoughts, my brother and his girlfriend came up to me and asked what was wrong.

My eyes immediately began to water as I looked at them, choking on my own words, not knowing what to say. And before I could even say a word, my brother said: We think we know what this is about. You can tell us.

I was quite confused for a second. But really, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure what I had to tell them. So I gripped my teeth, planted myself to the ground and told them. And to which they replied:

“Yeah. We know.”

. . . Excuse me but, WHAT?! My mind was all over the place as I smiled and tears left my eyes. I was just so confused. I didn’t think it would be that easy. I guess when you hold it off for so long and watch experiences that aren’t so fortunate, you start to think of the worst scenario.

My brother grabbed my shoulder. “Dude. You’re my brother. I know. And I still love you, it’s gonna be okay.” Something to add, me and my brother weren’t really that affectionate. But I immediately grabbed in close and cried into his chest. But these were happy tears. No longer scared, or worried. Just happy. And from that, I knew my relationship with my brother was stronger.

After the waterworks, we went to the store to look around before heading back to my parents. And on the way back my brother gave me a token of this day:Untitled design

He gave me a hug and punched my shoulder and said: “You should have waited for the fireworks to tell us. That would have been perfect.” Well sorry this is no Disney movie! 

But in all seriousness and as cheesy as it sounds- I guess it truly is the happiest place on Earth.

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