The Writer’s Block Project

The Writer’s Block Project.

It’s 11:30 PM on a weekday and I just finished watching the 2009 film Julie & Julia, starring the adorable Amy Adams and of course, the legendary Meryl Streep.

In the film, Adam’s character (Julie Powell) has just about had it living in a small-town apartment and working for a crappy job, so she throws herself on this daring (yet frustrating) project: vowing herself to prepare 524 recipes in Julia Child’s (played by Streep) cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”

Like Miss Adams’ character, I too have found myself without a soul-fulfilling job. My dream, like Powell, and like most of us on this site, is to become a writer. But there’s just one problem: I’ve lost my motivation to write! This website hasn’t seen the light of day in months, and I’m kicking myself in the behind for stopping.

So, as Julie did, I am throwing myself into the hot pan to hopefully start a fire within me. Though I do not know 524 recipes, seeing the most I can cook is a cup of noodles and eggs… I will be writing instead.

The Challenge: 365 days. 1 blog post each day.

The contender: Jason Suerte Felipe.
Friendly retail worker by day, modern day Shakespeare by night. Risking what’s left of his creativity and well-being, he has signed on for a deranged assignment.

How long will it last? We’ll find out.
Days: 0/365
Posts: 0/365

Wish me luck!


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