Create, Connect, Inspire: The Start of Something New

“It’s time to stop talking and start doing.”

@jasonsuerte on Instagram. Captured and edited by me.


I have been scratching my brain, overanalyzing and overthinking how to make this post perfect. Then I realized, nothing is perfect. Everything has its’ flaws, and that includes me. With this blog I should have the ability to be myself. Raw, no wires, and no gimmicks. As we all should. That being said- my name is Jason Suerte Felipe and I personally welcome you to my blog.

I’ll try my best to to keep this short.

A few facts about myself- As of now, I am pursuing my dream as an undergrad student enrolled in California State University, Northridge majoring in Communications and minoring in Journalism. (what a mouthful) I know what some of you may be thinking- “Communications and Journalism? You’re kidding right?” Not a typical field to pursue, I know. But that’s what makes it exciting.

Here’s the thing. Growing up, I have been a “talk now-do it later” type of guy. I would plan on doing a project, but then bail the last minute and never get to it. (I’m sure some can relate) Up until recently I have decided to change that. It’s time to stop talking and start doing.

“It’s never too late. And that

goes for anything.”

I want to be able to create, connect and inspire others. So I have taken the step in creating a blog. “A blog? It’s 2016! It’s too late for that”. Well guess what? It’s never too late. And that goes for anything. Here I will be posting past and future assignments that are worth a read, as well as other content.

I have received a lot of heat from family, friends and peers questioning why I would take up such a field. Point blank- because I can. And because I am determined to make a name for myself. There comes a time when you realize you can’t be told how to live your life. Up until recently, I’ve decided to take hold of my life and steer the direction I want to go. I encourage you to do the same.

When everyone else has their backs turned on you, keep on walking. Will it be tough?- Yes. But will it be worth it?- Absolutely. I always think to myself: “If anyone can make it, why not me.” So here’s your chance to be the person you want to be. Just keep pushing, you still have a lot of people to prove wrong.

Thank you in advance for the support. Let’s continue to create, connect and inspire.

P.S. High five for tube socks!

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